158 Pound Swedish Powerlifter Isabella von Weissenberg Is Squatting OVER 400 Pounds!

Isabella von Weissenberg is one strong powerlifter, but even a stronger squatter. How strong? In her most recent video shared on Instagram, the 72kg Swedish powerlifter smokes a 190kg (418.8lb) back squat like it’s nothing. That’s 2.65 times her competition bodyweight.

To top it off, she only had a belt on and from what it looks like didn’t appear to use knees sleeves or wraps. Although it’s hard to tell her with the yoga pants she’s wearing.


Impressive squats are nothing new for this Swedish powerlifter. This year alone she set the IPF Women’s World Record twice for her squat. The first time was in May at the European Women’s Classic Championships, which were held in Tartu, Estonia. Here she hit a 187.5 kg squat and finished first in her 72kg weight class.

The second time she broke her own squat record was in June at the World Women’s Classic Championships in Killeen, Texas. Here she recorded a 188kg squat and finished second for her weight class.


And while we’re on the topic of personal bests for Weissenberg, six days ago she pulled a personal best 212.5kg (467.3lb) deadlift. This is 12.5kg higher than what she pulled in her last competition in June and 2.95 times her bodyweight.

Possibly the best part of every personal best video Weissenberg posts is the yell before the lift followed by her big smile after. You can’t help, but smile along with her, while simultaneously being intimidated.


It’s exciting to see how much stronger Weissenberg continues to get in her off-season. From what it looks like 2017 will be a great year for this Swedish powerlifter.

Although, 2016 all around has been a great year for women’s squat records. In November at the IPF Open World Championships we saw Chen Wei-Ling squat 4.5 times her body weight and Larysa Soloviova hit 3.8 times her body weight.

Now the question is…who else should we be watching break records in 2017?

Feature image from @ivweissenberg Instagram page. 

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