62kg Shen Guo Wei Squats 3.5 Times his Bodyweight at 17 Years Old

Chinese weightlifter, Shen Guo Wei is squat goals and he’s only 17 years old. Most 17 year olds are playing video games and worrying about what their Friday night plans, but not this young weightlifter. He’s putting up big weight in the gym and making it look easy.

Below is a video that was shared on Awesome Weightlifting’s Instagram page, which is a professional Chinese weightlifting team’s page. The video below highlights 62kg weightlifter, Shen Guo Wei hitting a 220kg back squat with good depth.


To put that in context, 62kg is 136lbs, which would make the 220kg or 484 lb back squat 3.5 times his bodyweight. That’s a ridiculous squat, especially for a 17 year old. To top it off, Shen Guo Wei only had a belt on.

While the 220kg is more than impressive, putting up big squat numbers is nothing new for this young weightlifter. As a 15 year old, he was filmed hitting 200kg (440 lbs) for a double with good depth.

Ma Strength, which is a Chinese weightlifting outlet, originally posted the above video on their Tumblr. In the description below the post, they discuss how Shen Guo Wei also hit 190kg for a single during their 2015 camp at a weight of 56kg…123 lbs.

They then talk about how strength development is highly sensitive for athletes of Shen Guo Wei’s age. Ma Strength also discusses the frequency he was squatting, which was twice a week with heavy loads.

Shen Guo Wei has yet to formally compete on an international setting. With big numbers like this, it’s hard not to get excited for the first time we may see Shen Guo Wei compete. Although, Chinese Weightlifting may be facing up to a year ban in international competition, so this may prolong our time seeing Shen Guo Wei step on stage at an international event.

Feature image: @Awesome_weightlifting Instagram page. 

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