Powerlifter Gabrielle Tucker Deadlifts 405×3 at 132 lbs

Gabrielle Tucker’s powerlifting career didn’t start like the traditional powerlifter. She began her career thanks to Reddit and has since become a 57kg champion and record holder.

Yesterday Tucker shared a video on her Instagram page highlighting a huge three rep deadlift at 405 lbs with straps. The video also features a five rep touch and go set with 405 lbs.

Normally Tucker competes in the 57kg (125 lb) weight class, but is on a bulk – as stated in her Instagram post’s description – for her current training cycle. Regardless of whether she’s 132 or 125 lbs (competitive weight), a 405 lb deadlift for three reps is still insane.

A video posted by Gabrielle Tucker (@pumping.fe) on Jan 30, 2017 at 8:09pm PST


At 132 lbs, 405 is 3.06 times her bodyweight. To give more context into just how heavy this pull is for Tucker’s weight class, it’s 20 lbs over the current junior world record record of 385 lbs.

Last year, Tucker won the USAPL 57kg Junior weight class at Raw Nationals in October with a 382kg (840 lb) total, and won Best Female Jr. in the USAPL. Currently, Tucker holds the US National Junior Deadlift record at 397 lbs (heavier than the world record). Also, she’s been selected to represent the USA at the 2017 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championship in Minsk, Belarus this June.

Her deadlift is impressive, but she can also squat and bench. Her best 1-RM squat is 315 lbs, which she performed at a weight of 127.5 lbs (during a mock meet).

A video posted by Gabrielle Tucker (@pumping.fe) on Apr 22, 2016 at 5:26pm PDT


This squat personal record is only 22 lbs shy of the junior record. Her best bench 1-RM as stated in her Reddit AMA 18 days ago is 170 lbs, but I have a feeling it’s much higher now.

Three days ago she shared a video smoking 160 lbs for 3×3 with a moderate pause. Her speed and explosiveness off the chest were great, so a 1-RM over 170 lbs is most likely on the close horizon.

A video posted by Gabrielle Tucker (@pumping.fe) on Jan 27, 2017 at 5:55pm PST


Tucker didn’t start her lifting career like the normal strength athlete, but then maybe she did. Communities likes Reddit continue to connect people/athletes with quality information and often them lead to newfound passions, such as in Tucker’s case.

Regardless how you start, what matters is what you make of it, and Tucker has proven that she’s definitely making the most of her strength, training, and powerlifting career.

Feature image from @pumping.fe Instagram page. 

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