CJ Cummings Front Squats 222kg (489 lbs) for a Double

CJ Cummings is getting even stronger, and that’s great news for fans of American weightlifters (or weightlifters in general). The world record-holding 16 year old is prepping for the 2017 USA Weightlifting Junior National Championships, and he’s posting heavy training clips at a fast rate.

The latest? A 222kg / 489 pound front squat double, done at a bodyweight around 69kg (probably a little over).

See it for yourself.

A video posted by CJ Cummings🏋🏾💯 (@cj__cummings) on Feb 2, 2017 at 7:28am PST


As Cummings told us in an interview in 2016, he never trains back squats, as the movement bothered his knees early on in his weightlifting career. Front squats make up a bulk of Cummings’ dedicated strength work, and clearly, it’s paying off. This is a weight many elite heavier male lifters would be thrilled to hit in their career, and now, the teenage phenom is squatting it for multiple reps in the lead-up to competition.

Cummings’ current clean & jerk competition PR is 184kg, and it’s pretty clear he’s got the leg strength to go heavier, especially on the clean.

Featured image: @cj__cummings on Instagram

Note: BarBend is the Official Media Partner for USA Weightlifting and will be present at Junior Nationals. We work on special content projects with USAW but otherwise maintain editorial independence.

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