Amazing Grass Vs. Organifi Green Juice — Which Is a Better Green Superfood Powder?

Amazing Grass is one of the most well-established greens powders on the market: it’s the most reviewed on Amazon, it’s got over 150,000 Facebook likes, and it’s extraordinarily cheap to boot.

Organifi Green Juice is in a different league. The company has over two million Facebook likes and is focused around founder Drew Canole and the media empire he’s created around his brand, which includes the online video channel and recipe site

Both products are full of greens like wheat grass and spirulina, but there are some notable differences. If you’re trying to decide which one is the best green superfood drink, we’ve found the answer below.

Buy Amazing Grass and Organifi


Amazing Grass

It’s bland, but that can be a pretty positive thing when we’re talking about greens powders. While a lot of them are overwhelmingly earthy, Amazing Grass goes down pretty easily. You can still tell it’s made from grasses, but it’s not hard to drink and can mix pretty easily into shakes.


For a green superfood drink, Organifi has an outstanding taste. The ingredients list strongly emphasizes the fact that it contains coconut, but it actually tastes like a refreshing mint tea.

Winner: Organifi


Amazing Grass

On Amazon, you can usually buy a hundred servings for $51.50, which is 51.5 cents a serving. The price sometimes rises to 55 cents per serving, but in any case it’s one of the cheapest greens supplement on the market if not the cheapest. That’s a big draw.


At about $60 for 30 servings ($2/serving), Organifi Green Juice is on the more expensive side for a greens powder and it’s several times more expensive than Amazing Grass.

Winner: Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass
Amazing Grass


Amazing Grass

No bells and whistles here, Amazing Grass has zeroed in on the the core ingredients most people want from a green superfood drink.

The ingredients list isn’t long, but it’s got all the greatest hits: wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, green tea, rose hips, prebiotic fiber, and probiotic bacteria.

It’s a proprietary blend, so we don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient it contains, which could be frustrating for some buyers — particularly if you’re concerned with how many probiotic bacteria it contains. But since it only contains one strain of probiotics, it’s not a particularly effective means of improving your gut diversity anyway. Diversity of bacteria should be a core component of a probiotic supplement.

Nonetheless, it’s a solid product that’s likely a good source of antioxidants and digestive benefits.


The main ingredients are wheat grass, wheat grass juice powder, moringa oleifera, spirulina, chlorella, green tea leaf, ashwagandha, red beet, and turmeric.

All the ingredients are organic, as is the case with Amazing Grass, but a big difference is that Organifi contains a lot of ingredients that are intended to go beyond vitamins and minerals. By that I mean that ashwagandha is included for its alleged cognitive benefits and turmeric is there for its anti inflammatory properties. Indeed, the founder claims on social media that after one week of usage, you’ll notice “a calm, serene place that you’ve come to.”

Like Amazing Grass, Organifi is a proprietary blend, so you don’t really know if you’re getting an effective dose. This is a bigger problem with Organifi because it focuses so much on ingredients like ashwagandha and moringa oleifera without telling you if a spoonful provides an effective dosage.

Organifi doesn’t contain probiotics, but it does contain more ingredients linked to cognition and inflammation, so the winner really depends on what you want from a greens powder. But a lot of people take greens powders to feel better, and given the mood benefits associated with Organifi — and the fact that Amazing Grass only has one probiotic strain — I’d recommend Organifi.

Winner: Organifi

Organifi Green Juice
Organifi Green Juice

Benefits and Effectiveness

Amazing Grass

Both products consist primarily of organic grasses and algaes, and in roughly equal amounts — Amazing Grass has 5.7 grams of greens and Organifi has 5.1 grams. The benefits of these two ingredient groups are similar: the grasses and algaes are both good sources of Vitamins A and C, iron, antioxidants, and chlorophyll, and they’re linked to decreased inflammation.

As previously stated, the big difference is that Amazing Grass contains probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fiber, but that’s not as big a selling point as it could be. There’s only one strain of probiotics, and one of the biggest factors in gut health is the diversity of your bacteria types. We also aren’t told how many are included in a dose.

Regarding the nutrition label, we know that one serving contains 25 percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A, 57 percent of your Vitamin C, 88 percent of your Vitamin K, and 8 percent of your iron. There are also relatively insignificant amounts of calcium and potassium. We don’t know if the product delivers any B-vitamins or any other minerals like magnesium or zinc.


What does Organifi do? It’s about even with Amazing Grass in regards to grasses and algaes, so we won’t rehash the benefits there. But it is important to note that the nutrition label is much less descriptive than Amazing Grass; we’re only told about the calcum, iron, and sodium content. At eleven percent of the RDI, the iron content is pretty impressive, but what about literally any vitamin? What about the other minerals, like potassium or magnesium? We’re not told anything — we know considerably less about the micronutrient content here compared to Amazing Grass, and it’s frustrating.

Here’s what we do know: the two products have pretty similar amounts of greens and algaes, which are typically the most coveted ingredients in a greens powder. We can say with a degree of certainty that they’re roughly as effective as each other in that regard, although it is worth pointing out that Organifi’s second ingredient is organic wheat grass juice powder, and some folks believe that juice powders are more nutrient dense than the whole plant.

What’s really left is the ashwagandha. This is an herb that’s been linked to improved cognition and reduced stress and anxiety levels. We don’t know how much is in the product, but it’s the second ingredient in the 1.45-gram “Super Food Proprietary Blend.” The lowest effective dose for ashwagandha is about 400 milligrams, so in all likelihood, this is an effective dose of the stuff.

We also know that there’s turmeric for anti inflammatory benefits, but since it’s the final ingredient on the list, we can’t even guess at how much it contains.

So, Amazing Grass and Organifi have pretty similar amounts of greens. Amazing Grass has more ingredients linked to digestive health, but it’s not particularly effective in that regard. Organifi has more ingredients linked to cognitive benefits, and we can be reasonably certain that it is effective in that regard. In the end, Organifi comes out on top.

Winner: Organifi

Amazing Grass Versus Organifi Green Juice
Amazing Grass Versus Organifi Green Juice

Overall Winner: Organifi

These are both pretty solid products, and if Amazing Grass had more digestive benefits, this would have been a tighter race. But since it has the properties of both a basic greens powder and cognitive booster, Organifi came out ahead.

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