Is Konstantin Pozdeev Coming Out of Retirement?

Pretty big news for people who like extremely big weights: Konstantin Pozdeev is heading back to the sport of powerlifting.

That’s according to this recent Intagram post that’s gaining traction in the powerlifting community, in which he simply writes, “I’m going back to powerlifting…”

A post shared by Konstantin Pozdeev (@pozdeevk) on Jun 28, 2017 at 9:38am PDT


Powerlifters have good reason to be excited about Pozdeev potentially returning to the powerlifting stage. The man is known for his incredible strength and in particular his deadlift — he’s perhaps best known for pulling almost quadruple bodyweight raw at a meet that took place in 2015: 405 kilograms at 103.5 kilograms bodyweight (893 pounds at 228 pounds).

Some of his training lifts are arguably even more impressive. Take a look at this insane squat of 430 kilograms (948 pounds) while he was weighing around 100kg.

We’ve seen a few quadruple bodyweight squats — Chen Wei-Ling has an IPF Open World Record for squatting 4.5 times her bodyweight with a 210kg (463lb) squat at a weight of 46.75kg (103lb).

A post shared by 9for9 Media (@9for9media) on Nov 15, 2016 at 7:41am PST


But to make a quadruple bodyweight squat at about 100kg is in a different league.

These days, he’s lifting a little lighter. He posted a deadlift of 210kg (463 pounds) today that looked like quite a struggle.

A post shared by Konstantin Pozdeev (@pozdeevk) on Jun 29, 2017 at 12:20pm PDT


For die hard Pozdeev fans who want to learn more about the man, we’ve embedded a pretty cool, thirty-minute long interview with him from 2014, one of the few that has English subtitles. He goes in depth about how often he was training (three times per week), his favorite assistance exercises (hyperextensions), how he trains hip mobility (a lot of butterfly stretches) and how his training changes in the leadup to a meet.

He admits to having torn his posterior menisci, to needing a lot of shoulder rehab, and having a variety of back problems. We’re unsure as to whether these injuries are the reason he’s been absent from competitive powerlifting, but we’re certainly looking forward to the new numbers he’ll be putting up.

Featured image via Russian Lifters on YouTube.

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