Reebok Legacy Lifter Vs. Nike Romaleos 3

Reebok and Nike have both proven in recent years to have a few of the top weightlifting shoes on the market. Two of their newer shoes include the Reebok Legacy Lifter and the Nike Romaleos 3. These two shoes tend to be some of the more sought out options for the modern strength athlete looking for a new pair of lifters.

Each shoe appeals to different athletes for different reasons, and each shoe comes with different specs, color schemes, and functionality. So it’s difficult to say which shoe is definitively best. What we can do is break each shoe into multiple categories and pick a winner based on the specific spec and needs we’re looking at.

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In reality, a strength athlete’s perfect shoe doesn’t always come down their favorite brand, but with the shoe that fits their lifting needs best. We compared the Reebok Legacy Lifter and Nike Romaleos 3 in weight, heel height, security, durability, and price.

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Shoe Weight

Reebok Legacy Lifter

The Reebok Legacy Lifters has a weight of 20.6 ounces, which makes it one of the heavier lifting shoes on the market. A heavier shoe can be beneficial for a few reasons, such as maintaining a planted foot and slowing down overactive feet.

But a heavier shoe can be limiting when performing functional fitness style workouts, so that’s a factor that may dock this shoe for some athletes. Also, if you’re used to a light shoe, then the extra weight may take more time getting used to.

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Nike Romaleos 3

Similar to the Nike Romaleos 2, the 3s come with two soles, one being stiffer than the other. The lighter sole gives the Romaleos 3s a weight of 13 oz, while the stiffer sole comes out to 15 oz. This is a cool feature for an athlete who has a particular feeling they like when moving weight.

In addition, it’s a nice feature for the athlete who’s just starting to use lifters, as then the Romaleos 3s’ weight won’t be too much different than a regular tennis shoe. For this reason, we felt the Nike Romaleos 3 takes the edge due to the dual sole feature.

Winner: Nike Romaleos 3

Reebok Legacy vs. Nike Romaleos 3 Effective Heel Height

Reebok Legacy Lifter

The Reebok Legacy Lifter has an effective heel height of .86″ or 22 mm. This is slightly higher than the lifting shoe norm of .75″. For this reason, the Legacy Lifter is often desired by weightlifters because a higher heel will better support mobility and upright postures during catches in Olympic movements.

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Nike Romaleos 3

The Nike Romaleos 3s come with an effective heel height of .79″ or 20 mm. This difference is so small to the norm of .75″, that they’re still often grouped in the .75″ heel category. A heel heel height of .79″ makes this shoe slightly more versatile than the Legacy Lifter, but to a minimal degree.

Each lifter’s heel is made out of TPU, which is lightweight durable material resistant to abrasion. For this reason, we feel the heel heights are equal in terms of which is best, as it will depend on a lifter’s preference and needs.

Winner: Tie

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Reebok Legacy Lifter

In terms of security, the Reebok Legacy Lifters offers full foot security. This shoe comes with two straps that cover the lower foot, just above the toes, and an upper strap that sits near the top of the tongue. These straps provide an athlete’s foot with full security, so they can pull the shoe as tight as they’d like depending on their preference.

Nike Romaleos 3

The Nike Romaleos 3 offers a single strap that covers the mid-foot and is slightly wider than the straps the Romaleos 2 offered. This strap makes the shoe fairly secure and hugs the arch of the foot well. In addition, their strap’s width provided the shoe with a little extra security.

Yet, the Reebok Legacy Lifter’s double straps did give them a slight edge in terms of full foot security.

Winner: Reebok Legacy Lifter

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Lifting Shoe Durability

Reebok Legacy Lifter

The Reebok Legacy Lifter is composed of a perforated leather upper sole and mesh towards the ankle. This material is slightly heavier and stiffer than the Romaleos 3s, which give them a slightly heavy duty feeling. These shoes show no sign of immediate durability call outs.

In addition, the Reebok Legacy Lifter’s upper strap has an area to put the laces, so the laces of the shoe don’t get ruined by progressive velcro usage.

Nike Romaleos 3

The Nike Romaleos 3 are composed of Nike’s signature Flyknit material, which make them lightweight and flexible. Their Flyknit material is resistant to early fraying too, while remaining flexible. But the Romaleos 3s fall short in one area, and that’s with the tongue premature ripping.

Jordan Weichers, 63kg Cal Strength weightlifter, told us in our full Romaleos 3 review, “There is a small tear in the tongue, so I have to make sure when I put them on that I grab in the center of the shoe’s tongue instead of on the side.” This slight tearing is a common issue that we’ve heard multiple athletes experience with Nike’s Romaleos 3.

Winner: Reebok Legacy Lifter



Reebok Legacy Lifter

For a new pair of Reebok Legacy Lifters you can expect to pay around $199.99, which makes them slightly more expensive than other shoes on the market. Yet, this shoe shows promising signs of durability and if properly cared for will last an athlete a while, so the $199.99 may be worth the purchase.

Nike Romaleos 3

The Nike Romaleos 3s are similar in price to the Reebok Legacy Lifter and cost $199.99. Like the Legacy’s, this shoe is slightly more expensive than older models on the market, but it offers some cool features. For this reason, an athlete may find the $199.99 worth it for a new pair of Romaleos 3.

Winner: Tie 

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Overall Winner: Reebok Legacy Lifter

Both of these shoes are great options for the strength athlete looking to enhance their performance with a lifter. These shoes offer similar heel heights and come at a very competitive price with each other. What set them apart in our eyes was the durability aspect.

In terms of a winner per this comparison, we felt the Reebok Legacy Lifter took the win for their heavier construction.

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